//She Seems Interested. Are I Blind into the Indications?

She Seems Interested. Are I Blind into the Indications?

Reader Question:

Maybe I’m blind, but a gal I’m into appears to be into me. I get the lightweight holding, big eyes, etc. When she texts, she’s going to often send smiley faces at the end. The problem is we work with similar company, different divisions. She mentioned she’s going to not date a co-worker, not too we are in reality. She actually mentioned she is extremely certain about whom she lets into the woman personal life right after which I want to in.

Was I just a sluggish, dimwitted man who’s blind with the indicators?

-Nick (Colorado)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:


You may be slow or possibly she is providing you countless blended signals you can’t create heads or tails of it. Thus, to assist you, I’ve made a careful selection of all of the indicators as well as their prospective meaning:

1. Light coming in contact with — Good signal she actually is interested.

2. Big vision — If eye contact persists more than two moments, she’s actually interested in you.

3. Smiley confronts when she texts — implies nothing. Ladies use emoticons running a business and delight similarly.

4. She said she will not date a co-worker — It only implies she actually is wanting to show you this lady has ethics and can even need assistance in discussing her boundaries. I would deliver this topic up once again.

5. Tells you she does not let a lot of people into her exclusive existence and let you in — you are in!

My personal information. Go slowly. Stay friends for some time. When in doubt, chat (perhaps not text!) about any of it. Best of luck!

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