Welcome to Chanrey Tree Co., Ltd.

A collection of Siem Reap’s most authentic and luxurious hospitality brands, from two fine dining restaurants, one elegant lounge, a sophisticated boutique resort to our two tranquil day spas.

With more than 300 staff, we are a leader in Cambodia’s blossoming tourism and hospitality sectors that offer experience and a genuine commitment to stellar service.

Located in lush and easy-to-access pockets of this tropical city, each of our establishments offers the very best in personalised service, top-notch comfort and high quality local products.

Inspired by the magnificent Angkorian temples that sit on our doorstep, the design of each of our properties beautifully blends the old with the new. Through our exquisite collection of antiques, we nod to our ancient ancestors of the Khmer Empire, yet through our striking collection of modern paintings and sophisticated architecture, we provide a platform for the country’s exciting, young contemporary artists.

Our company is named after the impressive and very old rain tree that provides shade to our signature restaurant Chanrey Tree, which specialises in delicious, traditional Cambodian countryside cuisine. In Cambodia, the Chanrey Tree is a symbol of the connection we have with our ancient ancestors’ spirits, and of Buddhist concepts of reincarnation and the circle of life.

Experience something truly extraordinary and truly Cambodian with Chanrey Tree Co., Ltd.